a song sang by richard marx. it used to be my favorite song. in between colorado and gorham. general jerome bought her hamster general the cd. she listened to it over and over.

it still applies. to many situations.

no strings attatched. ill wait for you. wahtever that means. i will wait for you.

that is the definition of waiting for you. tf.

i am lame. idc.

good song. CHORUS X2
oceans apart day after day and i slowly go insane. i hear you voice on the line but it doesnt stop the pain.

if i see you next to never how can we say forever.

wherever you go. whatever you do. i will be right here waiting for you. whatever it takes or how my heart breaks i will be right here waiting for you.

i took for granted all the times that i thought would last somehow. i hear the laughter i taste the tears but i cant get near you now.

oh cant you see it baby, you've got me going crazy.

chorus x2
by repeatsongoverandover May 30, 2009
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1. in a more sorrowful tone, saying this will sound more like "You left me here. Come back. Back to me."

2. in a more angry tone, saying this will make you sound like the guy singing 'finger eleven - Paralyzer'

3. something you say to someone, be it a text, call or a conversation. Mostly signals that you are expecting them to do something, that something can be anything

4. A weirdly romantic sounding version of "I'll wait for you"
1. Come back.. You left me here to decay. I wait for you here, for all eternity

3. constantly I wait for you to ______
by banflimflam July 16, 2022
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Now I realize most of those people out there are asleep and have a clouded vision. (delusional) So when I post this message it will just come out sounding incoherent and people will think I am just a troll.

I’m talking to the Jews of UD.
Wait a minute, you people have lost your minds, my god

So that explains why there are so many crazy people. Good gawd, where are these people coming from?
by Rude Crude but Earnest Dude December 7, 2020
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when you have commited a crime in the elder scrolls v: skyrim and a guard reconizes you.
Wait, i know you!
your making a mistake..
there's no mistake, your a wanted man/woman and its time to pay for your crimes
by Not_Ice March 4, 2022
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