140 definitions by taylor

person who loves dirty cheesy pussy that ranks like rotten asshole.
Dude your such a kack-lover!!!
by taylor February 26, 2004
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i write in my lj everyday.

she has some interesting pictures on her lj.
by taylor March 20, 2003
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A lollipoop is the asshole of a male or female

typically used in a sexual manner
taylor: dude i heard u gave christine a rim job?

john: oh yeah! i licked her lollipoop!
by taylor November 26, 2006
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MC Chris is one the greatest white rappers ever. He sings such songs as 'The Tussin' and 'Fette's Vette'. His website is mcchris.com. He also helps on such adult swim shows as Seabab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
by taylor March 05, 2005
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its a radical sheep that i used to watch when i was just a wee child. =P
by taylor March 30, 2005
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alcohol; any kind of drink that will get you drunk.
Damn dat ignant liquor got that nigga trippin.
by taylor November 24, 2003
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The act of being immature

the term became popular on the evening of 4/19/04

the term originates from one emily O.
that bitch was filled with immatureness
by taylor April 19, 2004
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