When a female strokes the male genitalia. Otherwise know as a handjob.
Crystal gave the random Britsh guy an old fashion in the hotel bathroom while her friends were in the other room.
by RandomEpic January 27, 2011
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An unlubricated and painful handjob, usually performed instead of sexual intercourse, much to the dismay of the male involved.
Bro, I thought I had it in the bag with Michelle last night, but she just gave me an Old Fashion. This morning was the most painful morning of my life.
by bige24 August 09, 2011
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The Syrup at ihop named old fashion. The MLC Screamo band from Oklahoma made a hand signal named the "old fashion" by putting your hand behind your head but not on your head. It was created by just messing around at ihop on a late friday night. They use the old fashion in a hand shake, throwing stuff and just a simple wave of the old fashion. You must yell out "Old Fashion" when doing the old fashion.
I can I get a Old Fashion hand shake
by MLCFC September 06, 2010
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An over the pants hand job in which the recipient ejaculates in their underwear.
I was hooking up with Suzy last night and I kept pushing her hand "down there" and she just started giving me an old fashion.
by Jbreezy174 April 14, 2016
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