Beruit is the drinking game where you thrown the ping-pong ball into the cup and the opposing team must drink that cup. beer pong is played with actual ping pong balls and paddles. HOWEVER, the name beer pong has been widely taking over as the game in which the ball is thrown into the cup, i.e. Beruit. Beer pong and beruit are pretty much the same game with different "house rules" all over the country. Describing beer pong or beruit with specific rules should not be done because of the variation of the game, if said that your rules are correct and everyone else is wrong then you just being arrogant and naive.
guy1: lets play beer pong
guy2: u moron its called beruit
guy1: beer pong!
guy2: beruit!
guy3: who the f cares its the same thing lets drink until we can't feel feeling anymore
guy1: word
guy2: word
by Facts June 22, 2004
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A misspelled drinking game.

What people who don't know how to spell call "beirut".

Yes, the oft-shortened abbreviation of 'rut would be more phonetically appropriate as 'ruit but that doesn't matter... it is spelled beirut, not beruit.
Guy #1: "Hey man, do you want to play some beruit tonight?"
Guy #2: "You mean beirut?"
Guy #1: "Whatever, let's drink."
Guy #2: "Deal."
by Icanspellsgood October 3, 2009
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drinking game in which two teams of two bounce a ping pong ball into the opposing team's pyramid of beer
I can't really remember anything past that last game of beruit last weekend.
by CL Hovey August 2, 2003
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A drinking game in which the players have to throw a ping pong ball into the other teams cups, that are set up in a triangle formation on the other side of the table (usually a ping pong table). If the ball goes in, the other team has to drink the beer in the cup. The first team to have all of their cups hit, loses. "Beer Pong" is another term for this game, however Beruit or 'ruit' is used more commonly on the east coast, namely Boston. Ruit games get really intense on the east coast, and ruit tourneys are not uncommon. People get really into playing.
-jim and i won the ruit tourney last weekend. jealous?
-dont you mean beer pong?
-no thats not at all what i meant.. i use the word Beruit. awkward..
by ruitplayer December 27, 2008
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A covert way to refer to a lesbian.
AKA: a Lebanese Thespian (= Lesbian).
Tyson: "Hey Rick, check out that lady in the flanel overalls crushing beer cans on her forehead."
Rick: "Ha! She must be an actress from Beruit" (said in close proximity to the lady who could probably kick both Rick and Tyson's asses)
by Plasticsteak1 April 10, 2009
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