139 definition by taylor

being whipped by your girlfrind.
Yea well ryan atleast my girlfriend hadnt given me the nickname of whipy.
by Taylor August 07, 2004

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PidgegullA Pidgegull is a CrAzY mIx between a pidgeon and a seagull. They are only found in New Buffalo, Michigan.. the best place on earth!
Lauren! Go chase that Pidgegull!!
by TaYlOr February 23, 2004

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Your Dad
Yo Papa was sitin at home drinkina 50 cent bottle of beer
by Taylor November 30, 2003

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the bestest cover band in Chickahomony middle school ......Taylor faw, matt graham, zack wadsworth
by Taylor July 17, 2003

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a woman with a vagina that ressembles the bill of a duck-bill platipuss
damn that stripper had a major vagiplatipuss
by Taylor October 16, 2006

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A little solid shit ball shaped like a gum drop,and taste like a gum drop.

Dedicated to:Cathrine Camp
Cathrine Camp was running around the house with a brown gum drop in her mouth.
by Taylor January 08, 2005

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A person who is an alcoholic.
Good God Billy Fog Boss look at that six packer.
by Taylor November 20, 2004

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