140 definitions by taylor

a boy who is oh so cute but knows hes cute and thinks hes black...but you gotta love him...
ehh negative that boy is so jarius
by taylor January 06, 2005
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Once in a millenium a woman is born who is both beautiful and fun to tickle under a shady tree. The person I am talking about is of course the most eligible bachelorette in the Northern Hemisphere. A woman of both grace and Christian morals, she is held in the highest regard worldwide. She certainly is the human race's finest being.
When Debs walked onto the baseball field in her skimpy outfit, I creamed my pants.
by taylor July 06, 2003
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somebody who is just way past a 5 or a 7 in tha face and body
by taylor November 24, 2003
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1. n. the coolest chorus teach in the entire world
(comes from the lakes of franklin chorus teacher for the middle school)
2. adj. mad cool or super duper amazing
(comes from the lakes of franklin chorus teacher for the middle school and how madd cool she is)
1. WOW!! Miss Lavery just spoke to me directly!! I think I'm gonna faint from excitement!!

2. Taylor is so Miss Lavery!! She's definitely the "it" girl of the century!!
by taylor January 11, 2005
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oral sex on a guy, but in a p.g. rated name.
Kendra was seen giving Victor a mouth hug.
by taylor June 07, 2004
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