138 definition by taylor

After smoking a nice bowl or two from the hookah or nice fatty or blunt of that hindu kush like me and froghead just did an hour ago, your eyes start drooping down as if you look asian. hence the name ,"chink."
sorry if my eyelids fall further than yours does. its not my fault i look fuckin chink eyed as shit all time.
by Taylor June 18, 2006

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The act, and or state of being a spinster
The old lady was not enjoying her spinsterdom
by Taylor April 16, 2005

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when you have a blury thought on whats going to happen in your life.
after smoking pot i became fuzzymertrated.
by taylor September 22, 2004

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The act of being immature

the term became popular on the evening of 4/19/04

the term originates from one emily O.
that bitch was filled with immatureness
by Taylor April 19, 2004

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somebody who is just way past a 5 or a 7 in tha face and body
Chingy is a dime
by Taylor November 24, 2003

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the high concentration of glucose in spoo
I got my daily recommended value of spoo sucking Rick off last night.
by Taylor November 13, 2003

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when the vaginal lips of a woman resemble that of a platypus bill
whoa man did you see the vagiplatypus on her!
by Taylor April 18, 2007

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