The piece of skin between your asshole and your nuttsack - at first seemingly useless, yet prevents a man from shitting on his own balls.
i've got a sore guche from riding my bicycle all day
by b4st4rd November 21, 2005
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The sometimes hairy bit inbetween your balls and arsehole
The guche trimming faries came and trimmed my guche hair overnight
by Taylor January 21, 2005
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Your guche is probably the most sweaty part of the body.
by Cappy1 May 7, 2005
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1. Good, favorable (also spelled gooch, gutch, gootch, gukt).

2. Can also be used in sarcasm
1. A guch bunty is the opposite of lunty or fuckty. It is one you want to jam.

2. Lost your phone? GUCH!
by nice and guch December 28, 2010
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my gooch just fell off man, you go on without me ill catch up when i can find some wood glue.
by esteban bag October 18, 2004
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(Pronounced goo-chd)
Someone who is turnt up, faded, drunk as fuck or drunk as fuck to the point where they see the 4th dimension
Sober friend: Damn! You're fucken drunk like a mother fucker.

Drunk friend: akshdldlslgsksbdj

Sober friend: Fuck! You're guched!
by Mended June 17, 2013
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You have a hairy guch.
by Sam Stein November 19, 2002
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