There are many bands that compete for the title of "the best band in the world", popular ones include,

-the Beatles
-alice in chains
-pink floyd
-led zepplein
-the rolling stones
(all of those are great bands by by the way)
and the list goes on, saying _______ is the best band ever is pretty much saying that thats your favorite band
In my opinion the title for the best band in the world would have to go to the doors, but that's only an opinion and no band can really take the place as the best band in the world unless every single person on the planet liked said band.
Fred: the Beatles are the best band in the world

Mike: hell no! metallica kicks their ass on the stage

Bill: are you kidding? pink floyd all the way

Dan: the doors are better than all of them combined

Tom: lolz U guys R so gay, limp bizkit is by far the best band ever.

Dan, Bill, Fred, and mike settle their differences and beat the living shit out of tina.
by mr. Sexypants February 18, 2010
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Listen up Bitches
There can be only ONE Band mentioned here whilst keeping a straight face!
You know its True!
Guy 1 The Best Band in the World are The Beatles
Guy 2 No Dude ,They Suck, Its Metallica
Guy 3 No Way Its either Nirvana or offspring
Guy 1 (Bitch Slaps the other twofor being complete Butt-Munchers
by jar jar stinks May 22, 2006
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Quite simply, unmistakably, undeniably and without a doubt; PINK FLOYD
Hey man, let's listen to some music...

Oh, ok. What do you have in mind?

You know... Music!

OK! I'll put on some Pink Floyd.

Dude! They're the best band in the world!
by jesuitson October 25, 2008
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Metallica. The greatest band of all time. Nirvana is close to Metallica, but Metallica is better. (Nirvana rocks, though I like Metallica a little bit better)Metallica consists of James Hetfield, Kirk Hammil, Lars Ulrich, and... it was Cliff Burton, but I forgot the new guy's name. Well, they rock!
Damn, Metallica's Ride the Lightning was the best album ever made!
by JsRf13 April 10, 2005
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METALLICA. they can-not be beaten. S&M fucking awesome!!
everyone should know that metallica are the best band in the world and if you doubt that id watch out
by wheresYourCrown? February 9, 2007
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See Nirvana and/or Kurt Cobain

Yeah i know Kurt isnt a band but he was in the nirvana.
The Offspring is ok, but Nirvana can never be equalled!
by Ka July 17, 2004
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