138 definition by taylor

person who fucks another person in the ass/slang term for a queer
Bob is such a butt sex bandit
by Taylor February 27, 2005

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1. n. the coolest chorus teach in the entire world
(comes from the lakes of franklin chorus teacher for the middle school)
2. adj. mad cool or super duper amazing
(comes from the lakes of franklin chorus teacher for the middle school and how madd cool she is)
1. WOW!! Miss Lavery just spoke to me directly!! I think I'm gonna faint from excitement!!

2. Taylor is so Miss Lavery!! She's definitely the "it" girl of the century!!
by Taylor January 11, 2005

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1. a mix of the words collapse and crumble
2. the point in which everything goes to hell
When everything collumbles, you're fucked.
by Taylor November 12, 2004

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When you give it all that you've got.
Nothing held back
Come on guys we gotta fucking gi'ver
by Taylor January 15, 2005

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alcohol; any kind of drink that will get you drunk.
Damn dat ignant liquor got that nigga trippin.
by Taylor November 24, 2003

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a cryptoid is something that desribes a monster you don't know. like, if you don't know what kind of monster it is, it's obviously a cryptoid.
Ah, shit son. Look at that fucking cryptoid under my bed.
by Taylor March 07, 2005

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being more than sick and tight all at the same time; it's a good thing
that hardcore show was sick-tight
by Taylor December 02, 2004

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