Ancient Greek for "player." Although player was meant as someone who excels at sports and games, many people named Faries are also players with girls.
Dude, I wish I could be like Faries. He's such a player with the ladies, and he's good at like every single sport.
by Pandakeding December 31, 2016
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Usually a Jack of all trades.

Could be the spokes person for dos equis.

Funny, thoughtful, and perceptive. Privilege to know.

Reserved personality.

He's not arrogant or condescending, but his existence alone can make insecure men come on this website and write things about him because they're tired of their girlfriends asking about him.

Best boyfriend you'll ever have.

Usually comes with a flock of psycho exs that cannot let go, but hes worth it.
Faris is the kind of guy who will actually wish you the best after you stab him in the back.
by Nuthin but the truth November 17, 2018
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Usually a humble man, he will treat you better than anyone ever could. He will make you his queen and love and respect you no matter what. He's always happy and super uplifting, he never fails to put a smile on your face when you don't seem to be happy. He doesn't fall in love easy, but when he does you have to make sure to keep him safe, losing him will be the biggest mistake of your life. He just wants what's best for you and doesn't like seeing anyone hurt. He gives the best advice even though people might not always listen. Having him in your life is a blessing, so keep him safe! He's handsome and cute and he's smile will give you butterflies.
I think I found my Faris, when I think about he's smile I instantly get butterflies
by thisisstupid15 November 11, 2020
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A man who is perfect in character . Also is a professional footballer if this name are giving to male. Smart and handsome guy . Most girls are attracted to him because he has a trait of manhood inside him. He is a kind person and easy to get along with any person. Never give up when in trouble. Has a unique feeling in a world where most of people do not have it. Suffice it to nature makes him the most perfect man in the world..!
Faris is awesome!!!
by Claudious domonic January 7, 2017
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Faris is a nice,cute,sweet,humble,good looking guy,that loves football,many people think it’s fine to use him and that,but they need to fuk off!!!seriously,fuck yourselves yu fukers!theree is no reason to hate him,his smile is something that will steal your heart away,but he already is taken,cuz of how amazing he is,why wouldn’t he be taken??Faris’ gurl is rlly blessed to have him in her life,he is the most realist and loyal person you can ever meet!!He’s truly amazing in many ways!!!
That’s faris,he’s the realist one on my team🤟🏻❤️
by YunoWhoo.xox November 4, 2019
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Arabic for Knight or Cavellier.
Faris raised his lance and charged into the midst of the Fray
by Faris Fahim August 30, 2006
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