a term used when excited.
"eee! i found my penis!"

"eee! i have no penis!"
by taylor November 25, 2003
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A squeal, usually emitted by fangirls.
by soliloquy December 23, 2004
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Its a sound you make when something is cringey
Person 1: *Shows Cringey meme*
You: eee
by BapoMan May 10, 2021
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Series of e's to show foolishness/disapproval of what someone's saying or one's actions.

Several e's may be included for added affect.

Said with a deep 'retarded' accent.
Tom: Anime is quite enjoyable..

Dec: eeeeeeee.. >_>
by TrueQuiche November 2, 2009
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Leprechaun 1: Eee is that there a pot of gold Paddy?
Leprechaun 2: It is indeed Shane, eee!
by Georgie January 30, 2005
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eee is used as a way of screeching but cute, sometimes used in username like username_eee
hazelnut_eee: i rly dont want summer to end eee
by joy784 September 9, 2020
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