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a term used when excited.
"eee! i found my penis!"

"eee! i have no penis!"
by taylor November 24, 2003
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Typically used while under the influence of marijuana. You bake a cake and eat it, then out of pure joy, EEE
"Yuchung: that was good.
Steven: EEE "
by prostyle April 05, 2009
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An expression of disgust or disapproval common among children in Kentucky and other parts of the South. It's a country-fried pronunciation of "ew".
"Eee nasty, I saw you picking your nose!"
by Wyrdbyrd April 02, 2011
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Eff - Em - El

a synonym for FML
(see FML)

commonly used when one wants to confuse one's friend.
Kathy- "aw shit, i gained another 2 pounds! EEE!"
Melissa- "wtf.. what's EEE?"
Kathy- "LOLOL it's another way of saying FML"
Melissa- "have you been stalking urban dictionary again?"
Kathy- ".................EFF YOUUUU"
by yongseoforever December 30, 2011
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Series of e's to show foolishness/disapproval of what someone's saying or one's actions.

Several e's may be included for added affect.

Said with a deep 'retarded' accent.
Tom: Anime is quite enjoyable..

Dec: eeeeeeee.. >_>
by TrueQuiche November 02, 2009
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A mindless squeal used by latinos in the Santa Barbara, CA area.
It is used in any part of conversation, without any apparent meaning or purpose, other than to annoy people.
John: It's lunchtime!
Waldo: EEE! My lunch is in the fridge...EEE!
John: My food's already in the microwave.
Waldo: EEE! Get outta here old man ...EEE!
John: No you get out.
Waldo: EEE
by naknumm August 23, 2007
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