When your eager to do something, often something you havnt done in a long while which you long for.
Im anxious to speak to you, havnt done that in weeks now! Im anxious for you to come
by Jonas, and thx to Danielle March 16, 2006
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When you're dick and you're brain think two different things.
by Msr_wong February 18, 2018
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1. Anxious in a lady way

-anxious about your erect nipples
-anxious about your feminine itching
-anxious about your work colleagues smelling your period
-anxious about the fisting you got from the hospital when you lost your tampon

2. Anxiousness induced lady problems

-You're so anxious you've mensed twice in one month
-You're so anxious you're dribbling your knickers
-you're so anxious you forget you've got your period and you're work colleagues comment on the stains
-You're so anxious you've got to move on to super plus
Driving the car makes Ekaterina so fanny anxious her car seat has a near permanent wet patch.

Potential girlfriends make Amina so fanny anxious her left nipple becomes erect when she sees them coming
by IAMNOTKAREN October 21, 2011
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-inability to take a dump when not alone in a public restroom.
I can never take a dump in our dorm bathroom because i have anxious anus.
by BLT64 March 03, 2010
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Relating to the same term, "Hot Carl".

To dispose of waste or fecies on a nother person(s) chest.
Suzy pulled an anxious banker all over steve.
by JRonca December 13, 2004
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When you are about to beat the pussy up and your partner is just teasing you and the testosterone goes into overdrive and you man handle that person and shove the dick in without resentment or any warning. Basically abuse the pussy
Samantha was being a bitch and was teasing me last night and I got a case of the anxious dick and... I raped her.
by 4Twauny October 06, 2015
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