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being whipped by your girlfrind.
Yea well ryan atleast my girlfriend hadnt given me the nickname of whipy.
by taylor August 7, 2004
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someone who is gay and resembles that of a prehistoric flying lizard, and or has a long face(and is gay)
paul was being such a fagadactyl so i gave him the poobic punch
by taylor April 24, 2005
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the high concentration of glucose in spoo
I got my daily recommended value of spoo sucking Rick off last night.
by taylor November 13, 2003
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the bestest cover band in Chickahomony middle school ......Taylor faw, matt graham, zack wadsworth
by taylor July 17, 2003
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An exclamation that is almost as versatile as the word 'fuck' itself. More common amongst canadians, who are more prone to using the term "eh".
"Are we gonna win?" "Fuckin'eh we will!"
"Fuckin' eh man, what the hell are you doing?"
"I got them for free""Fuckin'eh!"
It'll work in tons more ways than this too...
by taylor May 27, 2003
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The GREATEST and HOTTEST Scream Queen of all!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!
I had a boring night, and then Neve Campbell walked into the room. BOY! That brightened my day!
by taylor March 17, 2005
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