12 definitions by tartanbeastie

broken form of the word spastic.
used usually to describe a complete mong or retard
what a spazz. or hey you spzzy come here
by tartanbeastie February 8, 2004
the user of a timmy wagon
sometimes known to have souped up wagons with spokey dokeys and reflectors lights etc even go faster stripes
by tartanbeastie February 8, 2004
someone on the receiving end of anal sex male or female
as in deliverence... " you gonna squeal for me boy" thats it squeal like a piggy
by tartanbeastie February 8, 2004
the vehicle used by timmy's and retards.. usually motorised
check out the mongles timmy wagon
by tartanbeastie February 14, 2004
slang term for subordinate or lower leve person.
also of slave
go make the coffee bitchboy
by tartanbeastie February 11, 2004