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a word to decribe your arsehole
jesus fuckme I had a curry last night and now my shiter is buring like fuck.
by grumpyboy September 13, 2005
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Scottish slang.

1. Your arsehole.

2. That which is shite.
1. Andy likes a finger in the shiter while his burd sucks him off.

2. 'Awright, mate, dae ye like ma new motor?'

'Nah, mate. It's a pure shiter.'
by Cabal December 06, 2017
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a fright or fleg when some one scares u half to death
fuck sake man you gave me a shiter there like
by charlie-boy July 14, 2004
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Pronounced "Shite-ers'. When someone is drunk beyond belief.
Holy Shit, I was fuckin Shiters last night, I can't remember a fuckin thing!
by Canni X6 March 20, 2017
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