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A slang term for the anus. It can be used to denote the asshole or it can be used in a pejorative way when describing someone whose asshole you'd like to fuck. The person in question becomes the dirtbox in question thus reducing them to a fuckhole and nothing more.
An example might be "Wow, she's cute. That's a lovely little dirtbox there." That would usually be said in the exclusive company of men. It can also be used in a loving way by members of the gay community. An example might be "Hello Jeremy, I was thinking that maybe this evening we could have a quiet meal in that new Italian restaurant down by the river. Then I can take you home, rub your feet after a long day and then light some scented candles. Then we can make out and I can then lube up my tube and poke it right in your dirtbox. How does that sound?" It's a very versatile word.
by LiberaceHudson October 10, 2017
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The Anus, or more specifically, a female anus.
I'm going to plow that girl's dirtbox like there is no tomorrow!
by Xoc January 15, 2003
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arse, the tight brown rather than the easy pink, poo pipe, chocolate starfish
Suzie wouldn't let me up her dirt box and I had to settle for her fouf instead
by butt weasel September 02, 2003
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The anus. See also: ass
Shit, I'd do her in the dirtbox... a lot.
by Afext December 09, 2002
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yea dude she was on the rag, so i flipped her over and stuck her in her dirtbox.
by nathan November 14, 2003
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