A megaguild/conglomerate of gaming clans who achieved greatest prominence in the game Darkfall Online, where they dominated the initial European release server with vast numbers and a somewhat unique feudal approach to political organization. The kingdom, also known as Hyperion, Hypertron, or Lumen Solis, was denounced by many as a zerg because of this early domination of the game, which many saw as restrictive of the pvp the game design was supposed to engender. Others hailed the achievement of Hyperion as extraordinary for the Strategy/Conquest MMO genre.
"Hyperion was a marvel to behold. No one else ever topped their occupation of 28 clanstones in the game Darkfall Online, nor their deep political system."
by Jansport January 5, 2010
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One of the original 12 titans in Greek Mythology

A person who is a leader of a mega guild which consists of clans within the guild.
Hyperion was the father to the Sun, the Moon, and dawn.
by Xenos_X4 March 8, 2021
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Name of a mithycal word on the saga of books of the same name.

4 books and a Short Story wroted by Dan Simmons.
1- Hyperion
2- The Fall of Hyperion
3- Endymion
4- The Rise of Endymion

Short Story:
1- Spectrum Helix people
by HiperiX March 2, 2005
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Seifer Almasy's sword in FFVIII

An epic poem by John Keats

One of Saturn's moons

But most importantly, the gunblade.
John Keats wrote the fragmentation of Hyperion long ago, and the idea was taken by the creators of FFVIII for Seifer.
by stolen legacy May 29, 2006
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Literally the worst fucking gun manufacturers in Borderlands.

Don't @ me
Person 1: "I love my Hyperion pistol!"
Person 2: "I hope your family disowns you."
by EM | habit July 27, 2019
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A roller coaster that will be demolished in 2021
Ant a roller coaster Moritz worships like crazy
Hyperion is a life style a nice name a coaster a good coaster a soon to be demolished coaster
by Gogoeoe January 5, 2021
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