A person or family who has no permanent safe place to call home.
Fight homelessness - please go to www.shelter.org.uk for advice and ways to lobby UK government to take action to help homeless individuals and families!
by someone who cares alot February 4, 2010
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now that the storage unit is filled to capacity, my homelessness may begin.
by jiggityjrock July 24, 2009
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Subtract the bed add the clothes subtract the kids and the house now whatcha got NOTHINGGGG.
My wife just kicked me out now only thing I have is homelessness
by Ammarius March 27, 2020
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when one has exausted all resources and is reduced to the insane condition of toting a small travel bag, aimlessly riding buses, selling plasma, nodding-out in public libraries, standing in welfare lines, eating in soup kitchens, walking in a dream, sleeping in shelters and parks, worrying about the next fix, and knowing that going to jail is a step up on the social ladder.
Dude, maybe he's homeless because he's mental, can't care for himself, and nobody cares.
by Mack C January 23, 2007
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The most discriminated type of people in the United States.
homeless man: Can I have two dollars to buy some food for the day?"
man: "Sorry I don't have any cash"
(5 minutes later)
teen: "Hey man, can I borrow 5 bucks to pay for the parking meter?"
man: "Sure, here you go."
by Dubiks November 10, 2018
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When someone is humble and hot/cute
Jimmy: dang did you see Martha today?
Timmy: yeah she’s so homeless, I’d smash
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a person without a home. homeless people often sleep in parks, shelters, vehicles, or boxes. the government does not care for homeless people, which is why they exist in the first place, so the only people left to help the homeless people are non-profits and religious groups. many homeless people are veterans. this is because once the millitary is done trying to get them killed for a foreign policy mistake, they leave them to fend for themselves even though they do not have a home, hve possibly alienated thier family, and are not well educated. many other homeless people are mentally less capable. these homeless people are harder to help, because they of their mental illness, homelessness is a vicious cycle.
jimmy dropped out of high school because he did not have the type of intelligence the teachers wanted. while still a smart person, jimmy asked the wrong question, so he got bad grades. his parents would not support him because he had dropped out, so he lived out of his car. because he did not have a degree, he could not find work. wothout a scource of income, he was forced to panhandle on a street corner in order to afford fast food. now jimmy is considered homeless
by william dawes January 6, 2009
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