Let's go hop in the vizzle and go get some lunch.
by Dick and Giles February 5, 2004
stands for "very"
i have to shizzle vizzle bizzle - i have to go to the restroom very badly
by t June 20, 2003
something that's really important. hot.
That dude is the vizzle, man!
by oliverismyname November 24, 2008
Derived from the french "on y va," which means "let's go," "on y vizzle" is a term originating in the echo park region of los angeles, california, among french speaking hipsters as a sarcastic fusion of respectable european culture and the snoop dialect of english, simply translated to mean "let's go".
Serge: "Truffaut and the Nouvelle Vague" are at the echo right now!

Paul: On y vizzle!
by bilonious monk November 24, 2007