unwillingness, not willing to do something.
The mother's reluctance to let her son attend the concert stemmed from a fear of peer pressure.
by Morgan T November 10, 2006
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unwilling and hesitant; disinclined.
"today, many ordinary people are still reluctant to talk about politics"
by IDK, June 5, 2017
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Not in the mood, disinclined.
I didn't understand why my sister was reluctant to go see the movie, but after seeing it, I understood.
by Morgan T November 10, 2006
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The quality of being reluctant. Exactly the same as "reluctance" but for use in meetings and conference calls.
We need to eliminate reluctancy from our usership.
by zevbrokeit July 6, 2011
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The strong urge to not do whatever you had planned (or what had been planned for you) with or without valid reasoning. Often fails to prevent the occurrence of said plans.
Creep: "I has candy get in van."
Kid: "I'm reluctant, even though I have a tazer."

Wife: "Are you ready to go to a movie and lunch and my parent's house and the dog park and haircuts and ice cream and the musical theater and be too tired for sex?"
Toolbox: "I'm reluctant, as none of that was things I want to do, but you do have my scrote in a vise. Lets go."
by Machinations July 21, 2011
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Bad ass Ninja dude born and bread with a destiny to effortlessly kill at will. The only problem is...that he'd rather grow shrubbery and collect retro talking action figures with exotic accents.
Client: Hey Ninja! Will ya carry out that assasination I'm paying ya for already!

Reluctant Ninja: (Sighs) Hold yer horses! Can't you see I've still got more shrubbery to shrub here!!
by sensei_RN May 14, 2009
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The specific length of a persons beard (or hair) which makes them reluctant to cut it off as they have never experienced such a length. Or, because they feel that their beard has become important to them, like it's their child.

Note: Often occurs in teenagers and young adults who are notoriously shit at growing beards and tend to cling desperately to any facial hair they can muster.
Ben: Man, your beard is disgusting!
Pete: Yeah I know, but it's reached reluctance length so I can't cut it off yet.
Ben: Gross.
by howlongjizz September 24, 2010
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