61 definitions by sukebe

An expression of annoying disappointment. Popularized by the use of the character Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.
Man visits hooker. Taking off her panties, she reveals an enormous cock.

Man (muttering): Humbug. Not another tranny.
by sukebe November 18, 2006
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Reference to the scale of a difficult task. Name of a book by Hillary Clinton in reference to raising her daughter.

Also, how many people it will take to clean up the mess George W. Bush made in Iraq.
George W. Bush is an idiot. It takes a village to make him realize that.
by sukebe November 30, 2006
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A funny suffix. Used to induce laughter.
Me: Hizzle. Myzzle namezzle izzle Davidizzle Blainzzle. (People laugh.)
by sukebe December 02, 2006
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A subgroup of the human species that can only mate on public transportation.
Boy (on the subway): Why is that man sliding up and down that woman on the bench over there?

Father: No reason, son. (mutters under his breath) Damn metrosexuals.
by sukebe November 18, 2006
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It's the Japanese version of Chinatown. Not as well known, not as large, and not as many. The best known one is in Los Angeles.
Little Tokyo is very nice.
by sukebe November 23, 2006
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The name given to every other man's penis.
I don't care if your dick is the size of Loch Ness. If I haven't seen it, it ain't there.
by sukebe November 18, 2006
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