Girls who live in the United States who are attractive and often very confident but at the same time lack intelligence and are very high maintenance. Many of them are basic bitches who love drama, are extremely complicated and have absolutely no idea what they want in a relationship. In order to successfully start a relationship with an American girl, you have to say ALL the right things and even the littlest, most insignificant thing you might say that she doesn't like will end your chances with her immediately. They constantly fall for assholes and douchebags, especially ones that have cheated on them in the past.
I went to visit the United States but was immediately underwhelmed at the quality and personality of American girls.
by xLonnie September 2, 2017
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Shameless sluts. They don’t have any shame and have no self respect. They are sex objects. They do shameless and disgusting thing in the name of fashion
American girls are made to be prostitutes. Shameless creatures
by Americans are evils February 3, 2021
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A girl who strongly values independence and equality. Can often be loud and obnoxious, but at the same very sweet. Easily recognized by it's specific fashion sense which involves wearing UGGs, sweat pants and heavy make up.
She is just an typical american girl
by January 27, 2015
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A series of dolls that come with books that take place during different periods in American History. They are very expensive and so are their accessories but unlike Bratz dolls, they are in proportion, do not dress suggestively, and actually look like actual girls. They also promote reading and learning about history through their books series.
There is also a line of dolls that "Look Like You" and "American Girls of Today" which take place in modern times.
The dolls also have pets such as Coconut the dog, and Licorice the cat.
There is an American Girl store in New York.
I just saved up $100 to buy my very own American Girl Doll! Now I just have to save up another $100 to buy her stuff!
by Edible Elf May 21, 2008
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The awesomest game ever to grace this fair earth. In it, one choses an American Girl: Kirsten, Felicity, Addy, Molly, Samantha or Josefina (2nd Edition), and one makes plays based on the chosen character.

After choosing a girl, there are specific sets and side-characters that belong to them, based off the books. For example, if you chose Felicity, Jiggy-Nye can also be in your play.

This game is good because it lets you use scandalous words like "boobs" and "poop" without restraint. Also, you can make the people talk in either "British" or "American" Robot voices, which is so cool!
In American Girls Premiere, if you type in the word "booger" the robot voice says "boojer;" it is so awesome!!!

American Girls Premiere is the reason I keep living.
by American Girl October 7, 2007
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A female with ties to her community, who shows honor and respect for herself and others. A female who receives and gives support to all important people in her life; one who understands the bonds of friendship and family and holds those in high regard. A female who is short or tall, fat or thin, brunette or blonde, brown eyed or blue eyed, A cup or D cup, bald or long haired-basically, a female who embraces her unique looks and understands that she is beautiful because of the sparkle in her eye from enjoying her life; of her grin from her ability to smile through all situations; of her confident walk from knowing her own worth. An all american girl is one that every girl aspires to be, and women strive to raise.
Even when having a bad day, Rosie walked with her head high, remembering what her mother taught her of being an All American Girl.
by MyLivingOregon November 13, 2017
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Native American girls are beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful also very spiritual. They are one of most beautiful women and girls in the world. They are caring for our planet, wildlife and etc. They have dark hair, dark eyes and amazing features. A lot of Afro Natives also have all these traits, and have one of the best cultures and most beautiful cultures emerged. They come from many tribes like. They are so strong willed and resilient and cheerful souls. Will not put with peoples bs especially white peoples bs. From Tribes like Sioux,Apache,Powhatan, Cherokee, Iroquois, etc.
“ Native American girls with the dark hair and amazing features are beautiful”
by Thelittleblackcat January 30, 2020
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