Takeshi is a warrior of God.
Takeshi, God is by your side!
by PrayDreamer July 21, 2018
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A warrior of God.
Takeshi, God is by your side.
by PrayDreamer July 21, 2018
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Takeshi is the elder son of Oshin.(Oshin is a Japanese drama)
Takeshi died during the World War II.
by D-dr@g0n December 12, 2013
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Popular Asian actor, born October 11, 1973 in Taipei, Taiwan, to a Taiwanese mother and a Japanese father. He's starred in many movies in many different countries due to his fluency in Mandarin, Japanese,Cantonese,and Taiwanese. He also speaks English, as he attended New York Film school for a while, but unfortunately has not starred in any American films yet.He has been called the 'Asian Johnny Depp' for his sometimes quirky choice of film and TV roles and his former teen-idol status (he began his career as a pop singer).In America, he is probably best remembered as Jin in 'House of Flying Daggers'.Also starred in 'Chungking Express'.
Takeshi Kaneshiro is a very talented actor, as well as an extremely handsome man. :)
by Nastina August 13, 2005
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Quite simply one of the best directors in the world right now, as well as being the epitome of cool in his acting persona, "Beat" Takeshi (taken from his stint in stand-up double act, The Two Beats) in most of his own films, as well as the likes of Battle Royale, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Gonin and (oops) Johnny Mnemonic.

Best known for his Yakuza films (such as Sonatine and Brother), as well as Hana-bi and the truly fantastic Zatoichi - both of which winning the Venice Film Festival in 1997 and 2003 respectively.

Also known for presenting Takeshi's Castle - which makes as much sense as Francis Ford Coppola's Saturday Night Takeaway if you think about it. Not to be confused with the qually brilliant and prolific (if borderline deranged) Takashi Miike.
by OD Smith March 21, 2005
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The Japanese Gameshow all the way from Japan, and that makes you think about the second to last letter of the alphabet. 100 Nimble nutters are lead by the man in the tan General Lee over a series of hard challenges (usually between 6 and 7). The Contestants that fail to complete these challenges set by Count Takeshi to defend his castle, are eliminate form the game. Those that survive are sent into a last charge against Count Takeshi's Emerald Guard in a n attempt to storm the castle. They drive dodgems with little paper targets on them (sometimes sensors) which they must protect. If the paper rings are pentrated by the highly accurate water cannons of the emerald guard (or a laser hits their sensor) they have failed. They must hit Count Takeshi's sensor to win. There have only ever been 7 winners! Great game show on challenge and trouble. In america it is called Extreme endurance challenge.
An example challenege is Knock Knock. There are simply four sets of four doors. Two doors of each are only paper, the others are made of wood. The contestant must run through all the doors without finding a wooden door and injuring themselves (which is rare)
by Robert Hover February 10, 2004
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A platter of any combination of sushi and food served on rice
Santi: Hey man. What can I get you today?
Vince: I'd like a TAKESHI ON RICE
Santi: No problem homie
by takeshionrice January 23, 2018
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