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A backyard game played with a rake, a nerf football, and a picnic bench.
1) Can only be played when a Weller is present.
2) If the ball is hit and caught by a fielder, all the runners on base are out, and the batter stays up.
3) After 5 strikes the batter is out.
4) After 5 balls the batter is walked.
5) If the ball is hit inbetween two fences less than a foot apart, a homerun is scored.
6) If the ball has been hit the fielders may throw the ball at the runner. If they hit the runner, the runner is out. Tie alway goes to the fielder if it is a good hit.
7) New rules can be made by Wellers.
Dude, I've had enough of this; I'm sick of raking the yard! Let's call up the Wellers and play some faceball!
by stevie September 13, 2003
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A tag line to add to the end of boring, stupid, or otherwise crappy stories. Amount of money should fluctuate proportional to the level of crappiness
...so the whole time we had been standing in the band room, and I kept thinking, "Wow, I really love band", uhh... and then, I found TEN dollars!!!
by stevie September 19, 2003
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The feeling of extreme anger and rage at all the slackers of the world (i.e. everyone except you and your crew). Comes with heightened powers perception and insight, especially as to whether someone is actually working or just standing around and faking it. Extreme cases can occur when the worker is listening to certain Michael Jackson songs. The only know cure for AWS is two entire pizzas for each worker, watching "The Shawshank Redemption", Henry Weinhard's root beer, and solitude away from all of those fricken slackers! see AWS
All I want to say is that they don't really care about us!
by stevie September 19, 2003
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What my girlfriend demands the next day after we have sex. SPACE is required for her to have time to pretend it didn't happen and that we have not actually been dating for more than a month.

A constant state of relationship suppression.
Sorry, but I need some space now. I'll call you in a week.
by stevie March 6, 2005
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Unappealling aroma, possibly difficult to remove
"Jesus Christ, Barbara, the stench from your flange this morning is disgusting"

by stevie October 16, 2003
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What happens when you don't get out of the way of a tire rocketing at your face.
"What happened to Mary?"

"A tire, hit her in the face."
by stevie June 22, 2004
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Take a crap, drop a bomb, drop some friends off at the pool, feed the porcalin, brown the water, kill a potatoe, make a deposit, feed the chickens, chop the firewood, weed the lawn, attack the castle, make an appeal, go windsurfing, see a movie, write an english paper, farfegnuegin, or make some chocolate. If you are confused, we're talking about pooping here.
The wallaby one is honestly from a Disney movie, "Finding Nemo". Man, Disney, good call!
Excuse me, I have to go see a man about a walaby. Keep rinsing, we'll start on the back molars in just a few.
by stevie September 15, 2003
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