A form of birth control practiced by idiot couples to prevent pregnancy. It is not at all effective because pre-ejaculate contains sperm. It also does not protect from STDs
What do you call people who use pull out method of birth control? Soon to be parents
by margaretsanger December 23, 2005
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the worst protection ever .
it doesn't work because of the pre-cum and sometimes, guys just get lazy and forget to actually "pull out ."

& it's not fun during sex to have to start, stop, start, stop, etc .

so please, use the condom, or the pill .
we already have over 6 billion people in this world .
girl :"mom, what does "pull out" mean ?"
mom :"it's how we had you, sweetie ."
by hi_im_dani March 15, 2009
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the action when screwing unprotected where right before the boy nuts he takes his dick out of her pussy
Damn! Last night i was boning liv and i forgot to pull out! I hope i didn't knock up!
by leah November 15, 2003
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to remove the penis from the vagina during sex
ouch, pull out, you're hutting me
by veggieness April 2, 2005
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When a man pulls his dick out once he cums. It's a very risky and stupid version of not getting the woman pregnant.
My girl told me to pull out but I pulled out late. I'm in trouble.
by xoxothotty May 19, 2019
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to pull your dick out right before jizz comes out so you do not get the girl pregnant. also girls love it when you pull out.
yo max, yesterday i was doing some hooker without any condoms, so i decided to pull out right before i thru my man juice in her pussy. she loved it.
by jack50 March 10, 2008
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