There's a lovely bit of crumpet there...
by tom ingle February 27, 2005
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A yeast and flour based breakfast food, featuring lots of holes. Nice with butter.
Would you like another crumpet, Jeeves?
by suzylou October 26, 2003
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she's a nice bit of crumpet
by lex dex April 19, 2003
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"she was a good bit of crumpet"
by Fluffage July 27, 2006
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1. noun - word to substitute for the effectionaty application of the word "cunt"
2. noun - a piece of ass.
3. noun - referring to a person in power that has the best intentions, but often fails miserably at everything they do. Usually preceded by the word "Captain"
1. I wouldn't mind filling her crumpet with a wad of my love honey.
2. Check out the crumpet on that walking spit roast.
3. If Captain crumpet doesn't start Stumpy Stu on the bench this game, I'm going to shove a stick up his ass and use him as a toilet brush.
by dero-licked December 17, 2004
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Refers to a womans vagina
She had a sweet dripping crumpet.
by crumpetboy October 19, 2004
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Never ever to be confused with a Muffin
Not A Fuxin Muffin Dagnamit!!!!!
by unknown January 19, 2005
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