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when you are fucking a chick with a condom on. then you say, "look, a panda". then when she looks you take off the condom and snap it right in her eye.
My chick is so dumb, i actually pulled off the dissappearing panda on her!
by Special Ed February 02, 2005

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The name of the university of illini athletics team name.
The fighting Illini basketball team is kick ass
by special ed March 24, 2005

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the act of eating a girl out with pop rocks in your mouth to give her pleasure.
dude, my girl gave me a random gift today so i rewarded her with a 4th of july.
by Special Ed January 20, 2005

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Mascot of California State University, Northridge.
The CSUN Matadors beat the Pacific Tigers tonight to claim the Big West Tournament championship.
by Special Ed April 15, 2005

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The Anaheim Bullfrogs were a team in Roller Hockey International from 1993-1997 and 1999. In 1998 they were a team in Major League Roller Hockey. They won three championships in 1993 vs. the Oakland Skates, 1997 vs. the New Jersey Rock n' Rollers and 1998. They lost in the championship round in 1996 to the Orlando Jackals and 1999 to the St. Louis Vipers. They were the only team to win the Murphy Cup more than once. They could be labeled the most successful RHI franchise not only due to the championships but they had the highest attendance of any other team practically every year.
Man, it's been forever since I've been to an Anaheim Bullfrogs game at the Pond.
by Special Ed November 20, 2007

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stupid beaners who dont know the meaning of GREEN CARD
FUCK any spick to come here illegally
by special ed March 24, 2005

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someone who watches basketball and has basketball shoved up their ass,or someone who will watch a game and not even know who the fuck the team is
That BASKETBALL JUNKIE was watching the kalamazoo community college game
by special ed March 24, 2005

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