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The abbreviation for California State University, Northridge, located in Northridge, CA.
We are headed to CSUN for our MATH 103 class.
by Mac11 January 16, 2007
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California State University, Northridge is a leading public university located in the U.S. state of California.CSUN is the second largest university in California State System and 4th largest in the State of California.
2nd in the nation among more than 550 master's-level colleges and universities in graduating students who went on to earn doctoral degrees (according to data of 1995-2004), according to the National Science Foundation's June 2006 Survey.
The College of Engineering and Computer Science is placed among the nation's best engineering programs at 39th in the U.S. News and World Report's 2005 "America's Best Colleges".
The College of Business and Economics is placed in the top tier business school, and ranked 31st among public institutions in the US News 2006 edition
- Rated 2nd among U.S. master’s level institutions hosting students from foreign countries (Open Doors 2006)
- Ranked 11th in the nation in Diverse Issues in Higher Education for the number of bachelor's degrees awarded to all minority students by colleges and universities (2006 issue). Among bachelor's degree awards for individual ethnic groups, Diverse Issues ranked CSUN as:
Rated 1st nationally among 529 master's colleges and universities for producing undergraduates who go on to obtain doctoral degrees in science and engineering fieldsAlso Plays in NCAA Division 1 In The Big West
In the last five years or so CSUN has become a destination campus, a first choice university for students
Person One:You go To CSUN
Person Two:Yes
Person One:I heard Its A Great School
by Fel33 May 27, 2011
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Acronym for California State University Northridge, a huge university made up of over 30,000 students located in the San Fernando Valley. Most of the student body consists of UCLA and USC rejects and if you talk to the students you will hear their complaints about this endlessly.

This school is very ethnically diverse, which can be good or bad depending on who you ask. For example, there is a serious problem of Jews vs. anti-Zionists (very apparent in the school newspaper), Armenians vs. Turks, and MEChA vs. ROTC. There is also fighting between all of the groups mentioned as to what group rules the school. Classwise, most of the students here are wealthy fatcats from other parts of the Valley, West LA, the OC, and towns such as Agoura Hills and Moorpark.

CSUN is known as a joke of higher education with an 8% graduation rate (meaning only 8% of all students who come in as freshmen actually end up staying at the university until they finish a 4-year degree). This is due to the fact that half the freshmen class drops out during winter break and half of the remaining freshmen drop or transfer out during summer break. Then about 2/3rds of the sophomore class will drop out or transfer, leaving only a select few who go on to the upper-division, though pretty much everyone who becomes upper division ends up graduating. The drop out rate is thought to be caused by the frustration of getting rejected by the UC's because, well, if you think you should be getting A's at UCLA and you get a B- in a CSUN class, it's pretty obvious as to why you would want to drop out of CSUN. It's also known that the vast majority of upper-division students are community college transfers who were also forced to go to CSUN as a last resort.

CSUN is also one of the few universities where it takes one five, six, or even seven years to obtain a 4-year degree. The reason for this is not exactly known, but may have something to do with the large student population and the incompetence of advisors.
CSUN sucks. I would rather spend five years trying to get into UCLA or spend all my money at a private university than spend 9 years at CSUN getting a third-tier BA.
by Former Matador June 29, 2009
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A California State University in Northridge that pumps out extremely low quality engineers to government workforce. The engineering school is known for hiring low quality engineering professors, whom care more about spending their time fighting the CSU for higher salary than focusing on improving their teaching materials. Engineering students are generally guaranteed 3.+ GPA (equivalent to 1.0 from UC system) coming out of that school, if they don't drop out by their 2nd or 3rd years.
Stacy: Excuse me Professor T., now that I graduated from CSUN with an engineering degree. Can you recommend me some company where I can make decent living?

Prof T: Apply for a government job. Most of our students tend to do well there. I hear that they don't interview. If you can breath, you're guarantee a job.

Stacy: Ok. I'll apply there and will pass this on to my other CSUN friends.
by Socal Native August 03, 2011
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