"To lesbian" refers to a woman performing a task successfully with the required skill after a man says he doubts she is capable of doing it. Possible doubts the silly man could have include something being too difficult for a woman to do or too complex for a woman to understand or to too heavy for a woman to lift.

It can also refer to anyone considered an underdog or lacking the required ability to perform a given task but who then successfully completes it.

The silly doubting man does not have to be present at the successful completion, or even show embarrassment at being proved wrong. What matters is that the capable woman completing the task knows she proved him wrong and feels proud she showed him who's boss.
Larry said, "Karen that parking space is just way to small for you to park your Ford F150 in."
But Karen then lesbianed her way right into the tight space, easy.

Bob said, "Oh Peggy, these directions are even difficult for me to understand. You could never put this crib together."
Peggy then waited for Bob to go to bed and within minutes managed to lesbian through the whole thing, having time to put sheets and blankets on the mattress.

Jamal said, "Shereen, honey, that couch is much too heavy. Wait for the guys to move it."
Shereen then lesbianed the couch singlehandedly along the wall, right where she wanted it.
by Hypatia Alexandria February 12, 2019
Jason: that girl Kayla is such a hottie. I can turn her straight

William: dude, she’s a lesbian, respect that.
by definitely not gay totally October 23, 2019
NOT something for men to sexualise.
Man 1: “I saw some hot shit at the mall today”
Man2: “what?”
Man1: “lesbian bro, they where defo doing it for me to watch”
by Grey_2212 February 5, 2021
A woman who is attracted to other women only
Person: Hey, I’m a lesbian
Straight girl: Oh...you don’t have a crush on me or anything, right?
Person: No, Emily, I don’t have a crush on your lulu lemon, iced coffee, scrunching wearing ass. I’m a lesbian. That doesn’t mean I don’t have standards.
by arialevon29 August 9, 2020
A woman who loves women and only women.
No, we will not invite you for a threesome.
No, you cannot turn us straight. I dont like dick.
No, we do not all dress like men.
Or in other words me.
Girl: Yes! Shes a lesbian. Really hit the jackpot there.
by lesbiancandy October 27, 2017