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The only "candy" used as an accessory during the performing of oral sex. Hall's Mentholyptus cough drops also work. For a woman showering will be required afterwards unless your a really big fan of yeast infections.
If you really want to give a girl a treat eat her out with pop rocks in your mouth.
by slipsheet November 06, 2004
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1) Mainstream rock music manufactured by record companies/musicians following the rock/punk/emo trend of 2000.
2) Music of sell-out bands consumed by the pop crazed general public and teeny bopper
If you have to dress like Avril and tell people you're a punk/rocker, you're still pop.
by reset the music April 10, 2005
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Strang yet satisfying candy. In the shape of small pebbles when put in your mouth they pop and fizz.

it is said that sometime ago a young boy consumed a bag of pop rocks and a can of Coke and his stomach exploded causing his death.

Def. just a rumor. I have tryed.
Ahh. That pop rock just exploded in my mouth... how nice.
by amberramber June 11, 2005
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uber cool rock things that pop in your mouth
Person1: This candy pops like woahhhhh.
Person2: BAAHHHHHHH! Thats why they call them pop rocks.
by Alison&Alex December 27, 2005
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pop-rock is that sort of music that you can bop to, without the same funky sound as pure pop. many people think that just because music has a bass, guitar and drums it is rock or punk. this is just silly. pop rock has to have atleast a slight essence of rock. Kelly clarkson is pop. 48 may is pop rock. there is a difference!

often confused with "emotional punk", which is meant to be punk about life and love, completely missing the point of punk(that it isnt punk unless its about disagreeing, being yourself, being angry and giving the big finger to people who judge you for it). emotional punk does not exist. punk is not about love and life and any good emotions. thats what pop rock is about!
" im waiting, im waiting every day, til you come back down, come back down again..." - 48may
by katie35464 July 02, 2005
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Causes a party in your mouth that is created by your taste buds crackling and your tongue snapping. Pop Rocks are made with magic, rainbows, sunshine and love.
Maria: I love Pop Rocks! They crackle and spark!
Haley: That's not crackles! That's a party!!!
by blueshirt1992 November 14, 2010
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as in "DJ POPROCKS" commonly found on the Bradford scene, tearing up the hottest venues with her amazin tracks.
Known to have varyin colours of hair, more recently a distinctive red colour though now black with a hint of blue in there
"is poprocks playing tonite?"
"i want hair like poprocks!"
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