Variation of "spic". Derogitory term for hispanic people.
by Banky December 15, 2002
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back in the day the spanish speakers in NY would say " no speake english" in and accent. and ppl came up with an insult using what they herd to be "Spick" instead of speak.
just like the term Nigger for a black person
by chinochang October 22, 2006
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a word used to make Hispanic people feel bad about their taco stands.
fuck off you spick.
eat my dick, spick.
by suckthisdickspick November 1, 2017
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'Spick' comes from the derogatory name for the Irish - 'Mick'.

Irish and Hispanics are both dominantly catholic. In the 1900's when Irish immigrants had pretty much been well established, but still hated by many Americans, was also the time when many Hispanic immigrants made their entry into America. They ended up sharing Irish churches, schools and neighborhoods due to the catholic faith and moral values we had in common. When early Americans saw this, they began calling hispanics "spicks" (Like a spanish Mick) for hanging around them.
"Those two were made for each other - a Mick and a Spick bastard!"
by McNabb January 30, 2007
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this is a term that white people use to make up for the fact that mexicans are better than them.
I wish I was a spick
by jimballz April 15, 2007
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Another word for "cool". Made by two band ppl. South Hills High School Class 2013
GUY #1: DUDE those nikes are......idk im speechless .GIRL #2: They are spick!
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any discharge of urine seman etc.
or a drop of water or liquid on pants.
::drops water on jeans:: damn i got spicked on!

i laughed so hard i spicked my self!

Hey you didnt shake it off well enough you spicked your self!
by TehDanny August 24, 2005
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