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An alteration of the word dog, used to describe someone as cool or hip. Used similarly to dude and bro. Can be placed after someone's name, eg Johndeg.
by straz October 20, 2005
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A round belly...abrrievation of degree. As a fat belly represents a 180degree angle. Can be used to insult anyone thats overweight!
1) Stop a fat guy in the middle of the road and calmly say
"You've got a deg."
2) When someone overweight gets a bit too happy you can allow them to remember that their fat i.e
FAT GUY- tells funny joke
YOU REMIND THEM-"Your a deg. Dont get happy"
by asadr26 November 27, 2011
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1. short for degree. or hot. meaning someone is sexy
by deggy (peggy) March 30, 2005
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Abbreviation of the Visual Kei/Jrock band, Dir en grey.
The members in DEG are SEKSI. O_O
by Yukita December 30, 2003
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French: Short for the word "dégueulasse" which means; disgusting, repugnant, vulgar, gross. Deg is used as a shorter way of saying dégueulasse and is very popular, especially amongst young people. Should be used when something in utterly detestable.
Ugh, Gary just ate cow shit! That is so deg!
by LaLaLane November 16, 2007
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Deg is welsh slang and is used to describe the feeling of or something being amazing/ten out of ten. Deg in the welsh language is ten. The term started being used April 2011 in the South Wales region of Torfaen. Eg. I'm feeling so Deg today sunbathing. Omg that guy is sooo Deg. You look proper Deg in that dress. It is the equivalent of the Essex based term Reem. Feeling Deg, Looking Deg, and being Deg.
good amazing sexy awesome brilliant great tip top super excellent reem you look so Deg today. That guy is so Deg. I feel so Deg after that
by ALC.CWMBRAN April 20, 2011
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