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A tendency to act in a crude or unprofessional manner after being around other crude, unprofessional people.
Trump's press secretary is dishonest and sloppy; it must be the pig male effect.
by smjgJsbjgsm November 17, 2018
A bumper sticker espousing nativist or populist views.
He is anti-immigration, as you can see by his trumper sticker.
by smjgJsbjgsm October 29, 2018
We purrmit scratching of old furniture, but not new furniture.
by smjgJsbjgsm April 20, 2018
A distraction that is so small that it is not worth thinking about.
These economic stats the GOP are touting are a speed trump; there is nothing unique about the economic growth under Donald Trump.
by smjgJsbjgsm August 5, 2018
The actor receives hundreds of pieces of hunk mail each day.
by smjgJsbjgsm April 20, 2018
A memory of a loved one that is stuck in someone's mind.
That picture of her is a beau worm; it is always in my mind.
by smjgJsbjgsm October 27, 2018
Their date was beau hum; they have little in common.
by smjgJsbjgsm October 29, 2018