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a popular dance that no party is complete without. in order to percolate, you must rapidly gyrate your legs in time with the music, as well as pop your booty. kamel mcmillan of NCCU is considered to be the foremost authority on percolation.
it's time for the percolator, it's time for the percolator... pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
by Carlos Fuentes July 12, 2006
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When you're stupid enough to dance on a glass table and it breaks.
*Steps on glass table*
It's time to do the percolator
*Moments later*
It went into my... *You can guess where*
by Deathrock616 May 10, 2011
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A popular dance song that was made in the late 80's to give meaning to the urban term of which simply means: Get this fucking party started and get things heated up for some sex later on in the evening.
You get to the party with your homeboys and see some hot mama's that you want to get down with. You say to your homies "Let's fucking percolate this parteee" AKA..........Get is going so we get laid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jimmy Foxazio July 31, 2004
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When one takes a percocet and aggressively throws it into a beer, then proceeds to chug the altered cocktail.
Holy sh@! did you see Mike just chug that stiff percolator! What an animal!

Yeah bro he won't feel pain for dayzzz!
by Big Cat 2206 March 16, 2011
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Code for any dirty word that you don't want to say.
noun: a kitchen utensil used for scrambling eggs and sifting flour.
verb: a violent shaking motion, such as a seizure or a hip dance fad; or to mess something up, to screw up something.
*also said as perkalata or perkalat'n
Yee haw! I just percolated up her percolator, if you know what I'm saying..
by sizzlinentrees June 01, 2011
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