it is a kind of meeting, organized by the government before making a decision.In general, some related public are informed to attend the hearings to discuss the affairs and provide their suggestions. and after the hearings, the authority make a decision.
for example,if the goverment decide to raise the price of the taxi, it is essential to hold hearings.
by netfree August 26, 2006
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From The correct term is, "hear, hear!" It is an abbreviation for "hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!"

Of course, if the speaker is actually asking a question. "and just where do you think we should open the new strip club?" it's not hard to imagine that at least one yahoo in attendance might yell, "here, here!" But this would be the exception that proves the rule.
the example is above
by TopCat January 6, 2005
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When somebody hears a person says a thing right spot on, to the point, the one they agree with.
... because nobody could call *that* Defence Against the Dark Arts"
('Hear, hear', said Anthony Goldstein...
by EastExpert March 25, 2007
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To understand in terms of relating with the statement. To feel.
Man, I'm so tired!
I hear you, bud. We worked out pretty-hard today!
by Jay D.W. May 17, 2007
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An archaic expression used by some pompous douche-bag to sound fancy.

Usually used by pseudointellectuals who have nothing better to say and are merely trying to sound grand and majestic.

People who seriously said "hear hear" are dead since three hundred years. The ones using it today fancy themselves classy and clever, but only come off as arrogant, pretentious, and shallow.
"Hear hear" exclaimed Richard the Third!
"hear hear" said some pretentious twenty-first-century faggot
by sandbag1000 January 11, 2011
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Listening without very much attention.

Suddenly feeling like any sound is passing through ears.
He was hearing a sound.
I just heard a scream.
by Legend_Is_Not_SUS July 28, 2022
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