51 definition by sandspit

verb: west coast slang. to stop at no lengths to get sexual with a chick.
shit, it took a fifth of tequila and 3 o'clock in the morning to get her in bed! and i barely even grovelled her tits before she passed-out. to grovel
by sandspit September 11, 2007

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Full-sized Ford SUV driven by arguably the most self-centered drivers in North America.
Look at that Lincoln Aggravator parked in the Fire Lane...LAME!
by sandspit October 23, 2007

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noun: Finger On Button, key-less entry for automobiles, and automobile alarm systems. ubiquitous in North America, the world's leader in automobile theft rates.
Alvin: 'fuck! the battery in my key FOB is dead, I can't even get into my Miata!'
by sandspit September 07, 2007

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noun: somewhat harmless older man that gets loud and threatening in public in an empty show of bravado.
I think that group of skateboarders are put the hurt on that crazy chumplestiltskin.
by sandspit August 27, 2007

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Any sandwich that has conventional ingredients replaced with want-to-be gourmet crap instead.
"I simply ordered swiss on wheat with lettuce, tomato and mustard...what I got was some faguette sandwich with smoked goat cheese, arugula and caramelized pear on a cebolla roll...lame"
by sandspit October 09, 2009

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noun: hot chick that has the special distinction of blue eyes and dark hair.

Alvin was almost shaking in the presence of the nubile blubru at the bar
by sandspit August 27, 2007

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someone who comes off as knowing everything about everything, but upon review is mostly incorrect.
Chris started in today about common-era anthropology...wow what a know it not!
by sandspit December 31, 2009

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