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1. Spanish word for onion
2. Term used to describe a chick with a hot body but an ugly face. She looks like an "onion" after you take her skirt and tie it up over her head, thus allowing you to have your way with her and not get turned off. "Cebolla Technique" should be used when a light switch or paper bag is not readily available.
Ah hmm... Hey Walter, check out the cebolla with the nice ass. Ah, Rico, she's got nice tettas too.
by pharoahphactor January 14, 2004
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Mainly meaning "onion" in Spanish; however all of the cool hip kids are using it to describe a "man" who is: an African American, extremely sensitive to insults and jokes, an idiot, a biter of their hands, interested in sucking a Mexican's blood, an Anne Rice fan, really annoying when typing, overstays at places.
Guy #1: "Cebolla, you smell like onions; stop being emo you Nemo!"
Cebolla: "Wha wha?"
by Bisexual Moneysplitter April 01, 2005
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(n) Spanish in origin, the word is used in english to describe a horrible stench, one so potent it could kill a man. Such a stench is radiated by the Peter Castelli.
by John Doe January 28, 2005
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