When a partner looks back and gives you a thumbs up during doggy style or reverse cowgirl sex
Karen gave me the pilot last night because I'm so good at the sex.
by Ferst Time Caller November 6, 2015
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An individual who possesses a higher mindset. One of the very few on earth that are given the great duty of carrying out what humans 1,000 years ago dreamt of doing.

Pilots are usually thought of in the wrong ways. First off, they are in no way overpayed, many earn an average of $20K per year and work slave hours with lack of sleep. They are also not "glorified bus drivers". I don't know about you, but the last time I checked, buses don't run on million dollar turbine engines, travel at the speed of sound, or have the ability to reach the edge of the atmosphere.

To become a pilot you must have the "right stuff" and a pure passion for what you do, you should never be in it for the money or the fabled women you get.
Aviation is something that runs in me and many others. We pilots can't describe why or how we feel when we fly, but we sure as hell love what we do.
by auriga astra August 3, 2011
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the first episode of a television series which is known as pilot because the show is metaphorically "taking off".
Amber: "Did you watch the pilot episode of Gossip Girl?"
Jessica: "Yeah! It was great I can't wait to see next week's episode!"
by Hiijenny July 12, 2008
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1. Anyone who can fly an aircraft. Pilots can be military, commercial, or fly for pleasure.

2. In general, a fairly skilled and intelligent individual who had the guts to get into an aircraft and learn how to fly it. Often possessing of a "higher" mindset. Most of us are good lookin,' too.

Joke to prove I have a sense of humor too:

How do you know if a pilot is at a cocktail party?

He'll tell you.
"The ultimate responsibility of the pilot is to fulfill the dreams of the countless millions of earthbound ancestors who could only stare skyward and wish."
by Athene Airheart March 15, 2004
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A highly Qualified person no matter what a Pilot flys. They have to be well trained and ready for anything. Any person who flys as a pilot at any level for more than a few years will face death in there hands whether it is a Engine Failure or Fire ect...
Being a Commercial pilot is one of the most respectible jobs in the world. The lives of 50-450 people in the hands of the pilots. Pilots cant make mistakes. Also one of the hardest jobs in the world to attain and complete. Landing a plane in 30 knot corsswind or landing with broken Landing Gear or engine failure. Pilots also have to trust other people they dont even know with their lives like Air Traffic Controllers and Mechanics.
" There is no such thing of a bad pilot" Why? Because all the bad pilots are dead.

In aviation you need to learn from others mistakes because you wont be alive if you just learn from your own.

Pilots are awesome.
by Steven jp October 8, 2005
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the most elite group of players in this world...
I'm a pilot i'll take you for the ride of your life, then i'll take you flying.
by danny ebi October 28, 2004
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Skilled, highly trained person that can fly an aircraft safely and efficiently. Usually good looking. Contrary to some mis-informed opinions they are hard working, meticulous individuals that have a stressful job. UNLIKE the example above.
I think American Airlines knocked back the guy above "Sir you need to be EDUCATED" ha ha
by Iain Fowler July 17, 2004
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