The act of looking down upon someone; to regard with contempt or disdain; to regard as an inferior.

Usually accompanied with the action of raising one's hand.
Boy 1: OMG I love the Spice Girls!
Boy 2: *raises hand* "judging..."

by starryeyedgirl March 9, 2009
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The Judge is a sexual position where the female lays on her back and the male places his balls in the females mouth. The male then begins slapping the female on the forehead with his penis and shouts GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!!
I heard Logan giving his girlfriend The Judge last night. I could tell by the noise of him shouting guilty and the distinct red mark on her forehead when she walked out of his room.
by Pirate55 February 4, 2009
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An awesome handsomely friend and very respectful person you can ever meet.
I wish I can be as cool as judge
by Awesome person lol May 17, 2018
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to quickly form a bias and/or personal opinion about someone or something
Don't judge others based on appearances.
by Gerard Irick November 29, 2010
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To derive unwanted amusement from observing the actions of another.
Compare schadenfreude.
"If I make tea, will you judge me?"
"If I judge you for asking, 'if you make tea, will you judge me,' will you judge me?"
by Drainitup July 14, 2014
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Phrase used after someone unintentionally says something that sounds judgmental or condemnatory.
I can't believe you have Sponge-Bob underpants. No judge.
by BigTestedCoals March 7, 2010
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To inform a person that you have formed an opinion that you need to express. Shouted at the Eureka moment as the opinion forms in your brain. It is etiquette not to expand on this statement, as there is no need, but if requested it is considered courtesy to lay it out.

Declaring just this statement may alert the person that you have formed such an opinion and they may need to take a looksy at how they are 'rollin because they may be offending your sensibilities and your just looking out for their back.

Usually used to make people laugh and brink them back to the living and keep it real.

Etymology: Middle English juggen, from Anglo-French juger, from Latin judicare, from judic-, judex judge, from jus right, law + dicere to decide, say
You may see someone wearing pyjamas in a supermarket and just turn to your fellow peeps and say:


This phrase is effective and understood amongst your peers it is like giving a silent not of agreement.

Should be used in jest to alert your friends to something funny they may have missed and brighten their day.

Especially funny when you say "judged" for something you yourself have done and can be used as a bonding tool.

nb: only works if your friends are thinking the same thing.
by SoxyTW1 May 19, 2010
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