15 definitions by robdog073191

to be really high to the point of not being able to think
Damn dude, I am blitzkrieged, wha??
by robdog073191 May 5, 2005
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to get what you deserve for throwing water at/confronting a 6'7 260lb man (or just being unlucky enough to sit next to that guy); P.S. Ron Artest never had, made, or plans to make a rap album. He was promoting an R&B group he doesn't perform in.
When Ron slugged that fat pistons fan who got buck in the face, or the time Jermaine O'Neal comes in out of nowhere and clocks a guy in the head.
by robdog073191 May 5, 2005
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the term used to describe the people who are responsible for all the ills in society (should MWASP= male, anglo...); eventhough they are also resposible for much of the good
one feminist to a minority: if it weren't for wasp's, the world would be perfect
by robdog073191 May 5, 2005
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the gland that makes lazy people fat when they claim to have a gland problem
that person can't lose weight b/c he has an ice cream gland
by robdog073191 May 5, 2005
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the group of people who must take all criticism without argument and are not allowed to be a "victim" of anything; though, they do know people make themselves a "victim" only when they allow themselves to be (not counting crime)
Man! If I wasn't an upper-middle class, white male I wouldn't be afraid to express my views.
by robdog073191 May 7, 2005
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