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A feminazi is someone who claims to be a feminist (A person who supports Women's Rights) but actually wants women to be superior to men
Wow she's such a feminazi
by GalaxyUnicorn12 August 21, 2017
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Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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A person who is too much of a feminist and takes shit too far. Which then turns them into an annoying fuck.
"men are trash"
"all women are better then men"
"I've got my tits out but you can't look at them even though they are out on display in public otherwise you're sexualising me"
"I'm a feminist so everything I say is right"
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by Blahblahblahfatcatsat September 09, 2018
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A term used to undermine feminists and the basis of their goals, usually to validate antiquated views on gender issues.
Man, I didn't know I was dating a feminazi until Jenny told me she was going to work after she had the baby!
by dinosaur March 13, 2005
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Feminazis and feminist are very different. Feminist believe in equal rights for men and women, while Feminazis act extreme and violent towards men and things affiliated with men. Feminist support a noble cause of equal rights while the Feminazis live to destroy men's public social life. Feminazis believe men have way more privilege than they really do and often make up or avoid examples and proof to support their claims. Feminazis are known to accuse men of rape for no reason just to ruin their life or take their money. Feminist do not do this but they don't mention this either. Feminazis don't fight for legit problem and tend to use words like "rape" "sexually harassed" or "Assaulted" incorrectly and are often proven wrong. Feminazis are a huge disgrase to Feminist and are very often the only thing thought of when people think of Feminism. Feminazis are often rude to men and call females who don't Identify as a Feminist as a, "Traitor to their own gender." If your a male, steer clear of Feminazis or you might lose everything you own, including you social and public life. Extreme Feminist are called Feminazis because of their relation to Nazis in the sense of causing a Holocaust, but its a Holocaust for men. Feminazis think ALL men should be killed and erased from the earth, therefor, a Holocaust of men only. Feminazi is a rude name for extreme Feminist, but its a name they earned because of their lashing out towards men.
Feminist: I want equal rights for men and women
Feminazi: Screw that men scum! They can die for all I care, their worthless pieces of privileged crap!
Feminist: Umm.... tha- thats something

Man: *looks at women*
Feminazi: You piece of sexist trash, how dare you rape that women! You need to check your privilege male shit!
Man: Rape? I just looked at her, are you insane?
Feminazi: You raped her with your male privilege, this is why all men need to die
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by UnwantedVaultDweller July 06, 2017
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The slang term for a feminist, since feminism seeks to tackle women's issues, but refuses to admit that men have issues too - inadvertently making feminism a female supremacy/privilege movement. Some figureheads don't even believe in free speech.

Hilter believed in Aryan supremacy. Feminists believe in female privilege. They are similar.
Feminazi: "Down with the patriarchy! Egalitarianism is misogynist! Men's issues don't exist!"
Rational thinker: "Then what about family courts' bias towards women, women receiving shorter sentences for the same crimes, and men having to pay alimony?"
Feminazi: "MISOGYNIST!"
Rational thinker: "Fucking feminazis..."

Feminazi: "I want to make the internet a safer place for women..."
Rational thinker: "Ok..."
Feminazi: "By silencing misogynistic criticisms of feminism!"

Rational thinker: "So you want to remove my right to free speech? Fucking feminazi..."
by AnyOldBiscuit October 03, 2015
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