Satan kicked Judge Judy out of hell because she was too much of a bitch.
by Jyles November 12, 2003
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a crabby ol' bitch (with a capital B) who wears judge's robes and gives judgement on a stupid court TV show. She is very irritable, very pushy and demanding and she degrades and belittles people in the courtroom. She always acts like someone pissed in her orange juice, she needs to be removed from the bench once and for all.
Judge Judy is on TV every afternoon.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 20, 2007
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QUIET! I AM HAVING MY PERIOD oh wait I stopped having those twenty years ago
by KingTT May 29, 2003
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A court "judge" who appears on her own court TV show. She likes to call other people idiots because she is insecure since she herself is a complete idiot. Common ridiculous quotes from her include:

You know what you are? You're a NERD.

Shut up, NERD!

It's because I'm smart.

It's because YOU'RE AN IDIOT!
I watched Judge Judy yesterday and lost all hope in humanity.

When I saw Judge Judy's face on the television, I screamed and spontaneously combusted.

After listening to Judge Judy, I lost all ability to reason.
by okamiimiyazaki December 6, 2010
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An avatar of Satan. Judge Judy seduces simple minded human beings into its media courtroom with promises of financial rewards and celebrity if they renounce Justice. Having renounced Justice, the litigants are then subjected to Judge Judy's derision, ridicule, sarcasm, and hatred. Judge Judy supports and nourishes itself on the psychological pain and suffering it inflicts on those foolish enough to renounce Justice for money and fame.
Judge Judy came into being when Malevolent Intent fornicated with the Electronic Media. Judge Judy was nursed by the witch Joyful Cruelty and raised by Ratingswar. Judge Judy is destined to preside in its electronic courtroom until the Judgement Day when Judge Judy will be defeated by Justice.
by Maureen Raye March 26, 2007
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Some old bitch on T.V. who just yells even if you don't look at her, well why the fuck would you wanna look at that ugly old wrinkled face for? She yells way too much, you have to turn your t.v. down because of her annoying voice, and I hate her
Judge Judy is a bitch
by DizzyLizzy April 1, 2007
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SEE-Bitch, Look for picture.
Judge Judy decides cases on what you look or act like, not on what the facts are!
by asiseesem January 19, 2008
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