Your body becomes physicaly more aware. It feels everything in altitude. Your mind is set apart from your physical aspect and you lose yourself. Your cannot control your mind from its neverending thoughs. Both these events take place and makes your world that much different. You are... high.
Fuck being high, been there done that. -Stoned Jesus
by Stoned Jesus May 7, 2007
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1st stage- feeling the first breathtaking release from reality

2nd stage- this reality creates a world of happiness, a.k.a.
a slight buzz

3rd stage- as your buzz escalates, you discover happiness in all sorts of dimensions. Examples include music being clearer and more vibrant, humor exceeding expectations, and most importantly a pasty mouth

4th stage- your buzz is radiant. you have surpassed reality
and all of the worlds fucked up problems

5th stage- you feel alive/care free. you are in the
moment, eat it, express it. live it.

6th stage- you have completely entered a world like
none other. Your passionate, loving, free. this
world is your happy place

7th stage- You are high/at the top of the world. You are
content with your high and there is no need for
more. Happy.
G1: yo high are you?
G2: probably at a 4....we should smoke more, i wanna get to a fucking 7 on The 7 Stages of being High chart man...
G1: great idea man....let's do this

15 min later....

G1: dude...guess what...
G2: what?
G1: i'm at a 7.....
G2: right too bro...happy as can be...:)
by Dr. Hoy April 24, 2010
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1. The Smoking Stage
2. The Eating Stage
3. The Everything is alive Stage
4. The Sleeping Stage
Guy 1: Those 4 stages of being high are soo true, i didnt believe it when you first told me before we lit up!
Guy 2: I knew you realized it when you started screaming at the refridgerater!
by DaFuzz March 13, 2005
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First Stage: Hyper
Second Stage: Feeling very happy
Third Stage: Stoned; Where you feel almost dead and anything is comfy
Fourth Stage: Retarded; Where you literally can't operate your own mind and body

After the last stage, it will restart as a new cycle but a "higher" level
Person 1: Dude ok what if when we are smoking, like we are going through a neverending of The four stages of being high, and it just keeps going..
Person 2: Like how you get hyper then happy..oh then you get stoned..hmm and whats above that?
Person 1: Thats when you smoked so much and you are just Retarded
Person 3: Whoa dude..dude!?! look at the spider, I'm so high that I don't care.
by Dizz85 June 26, 2010
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