money, riches, can also be used to express satisfaction.
Mad cheddar yo. (It will be very expensive. or I agree with you fully kind sir.)
by Donkey Balls November 13, 2002
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Not just some common bitch!!!

(A Brooklyn Nine-Nine reference)
Man #1: Dude why are all the meanings of the word cheddar on urban dictionary referring to money or cheese.
Man #2: Idk man! I guess these people are too busy to watch B99!
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cheddar= money, riches, wealth, ballin
usually found in rap songs
He has a fat bank account, drives a BMW or Mercedes, and wears the finest clothes, he has THE CHEDDAR
by JeffFo September 12, 2006
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If a person has "cheddar" they have money. Chedder is a noun symbolizing wealth.
Yo, that new escalade costs MAD CHEDDAR!
by Meredith December 27, 2003
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It's a type of cheese. Not money or whatever, A GOD DAMN CHEESE.
I really don't like cheddar.

by tonitron5000 July 25, 2008
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"My nose job cost mad CHEDDAR, but I haven't regretted it once."
by Pearbian March 17, 2007
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