money, riches, can also be used to express satisfaction.
Mad cheddar yo. (It will be very expensive. or I agree with you fully kind sir.)
by Donkey Balls November 14, 2002
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Not just some common bitch!!!

(A Brooklyn Nine-Nine reference)
Man #1: Dude why are all the meanings of the word cheddar on urban dictionary referring to money or cheese.
Man #2: Idk man! I guess these people are too busy to watch B99!
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cheddar= money, riches, wealth, ballin
usually found in rap songs
He has a fat bank account, drives a BMW or Mercedes, and wears the finest clothes, he has THE CHEDDAR
by JeffFo September 12, 2006
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If a person has "cheddar" they have money. Chedder is a noun symbolizing wealth.
Yo, that new escalade costs MAD CHEDDAR!
by Meredith December 28, 2004
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It's a type of cheese. Not money or whatever, A GOD DAMN CHEESE.
I really don't like cheddar.

by tonitron5000 July 26, 2008
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1. slang for money.

2. a type of cheese.
1. ay nigga, whassup. ya ready ta' make dis cheddar?

2. damn, dat cheddar cheese nasty as hell.
by No one OnTha Korna Has Swaggga January 10, 2009
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