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The service provided by America Online ™ which is plagued by slow downloads, dropped connections, long dial-up times, and less-then-great customer service. Now overly priced service for Grannies with new computers who picked up a free cd at the grocery store.
I gotta get rid of aohell and get me some DSL.
'F#@%ing Aohell... I was 14 seconds from finishing a download and I got dropped.
by pythonspam October 23, 2003
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To use, make use of, or apply to
Origin: When a card (credit, debit, discount, etc.) is thrown on a counter, it is said to have been 'flung'
Everytime my father went to a hotel, he always flung his AARP card down and demanded a senior rate.
I didn't have enough cash on me so i just flung my Visa and signed away my soul.
by pythonspam November 30, 2003
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Klingon for: Success
Also Used to express 'Eureka' or the 'Absence of Failure'
Slang: Can be used to mean 'Abracadabra' or 'Kazaam' when performing magic tricks
"Kaplah! William Shatner is finally dead!"
"Kaplah, I have found it!"
"Kaplah! Its a Rabbit!"
by pythonspam October 23, 2003
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1) To make a career out of a temporary job. see Lifer
2)(Mil.) To voluntarily extend one's Tour of Duty into long-term employment
1) "I didn't think I'd like sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer, but after this, I might just go career."
2) The Sergeant decided to apply to OCS and possibly go career.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
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similar to grr and Grrr!
Onomatopoeia of the Expressing of Anger with gritted teeth (a growl)
After taking the bone away, all my dog would do is sit there and grrrrr at me.
by pythonspam May 13, 2004
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see usually instated by the male of a relationship and also ha s to do with extreme nervousness and fear of rejection
I can't believe you would want to know the definition of in this case a fear of affirmation.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
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