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To use, make use of, or apply to
Origin: When a card (credit, debit, discount, etc.) is thrown on a counter, it is said to have been 'flung'
Everytime my father went to a hotel, he always flung his AARP card down and demanded a senior rate.
I didn't have enough cash on me so i just flung my Visa and signed away my soul.
by pythonspam December 1, 2003
The complete shadow present during an eclipse.
Surrounded by the Penumbra.
From my vantage point in the helicopter, i could see where the line between the umbra and the penumbra was on the ground.
by pythonspam November 7, 2003
The worst possible thing that can be sucked.
That food sucks Donkey Ballz. Lets go get some Taco Bell.
by pythonspam October 23, 2003
1) To pay attention to one's surroundings
2) To dress with style appropriate to the occasion
1) Hey seargant, here come the jerries; Look Sharp!
2) Did you see James in his black and white saddle shoes and Fedora? He really looks sharp.
by pythonspam November 26, 2003
A partial loss of power similar to a blackout, but with less intensity. May cause lights to flicker, electronic devices to turn on/off spontaneusly, etc.
See brownout
California, in the midst of a constant energy crisis, is apt to have brown outs, especially during the summer.
by pythonspam May 24, 2004
Klingon for: Success
Also Used to express 'Eureka' or the 'Absence of Failure'
Slang: Can be used to mean 'Abracadabra' or 'Kazaam' when performing magic tricks
"Kaplah! William Shatner is finally dead!"
"Kaplah, I have found it!"
"Kaplah! Its a Rabbit!"
by pythonspam October 23, 2003
1) A kick@zz fly that doesnt take nothing from nobody. Even when inebriated, still able to take names. See Also Super Fly and Supafly.
Origin: Joe Cartoon
2) Really Wicked Cool
1)Hey look man, its Superfly, the most kick@zz fly that don't take nothing from nobody.
2) The Offspring were pretty fly, but Cake is Superfly.
by pythonspam November 7, 2003