1. Someone who is sentenced to life in prison
2. When a birder sees a bird they've never seen before
1. He murdered his whole family so now he's a lifer
2. I just saw a Red-throated Loon, it was a lifer!
by (****()) August 25, 2022
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1. One who has remained at a location for an extended amount of time so as to be considered a permanent resident
2. A person with no hope or desire to leave their current environment
Dennis has been a helper for 5 years, he is definitely a lifer.
by your darling Leo April 10, 2003
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1) Someone who voluntarily decided to stay where they are (i.e. for life).
2) (Mil.) An enlisted soldier or officer that decides to re-enlist to go career
1) This place has good pay, great benefits, and nice people. They might just make a lifer out of me.
2) "Who's that?"
"That's Captain Anderson; he started out in the 22nd Armored, but ended up here as a tech. specialist. He's thinking about becoming a lifer."
by pythonspam November 7, 2003
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A person in the military who knows he or she cannot function outside a military environment. Hence, they remain in the military for life. Even after retirement, a lifer will remain in the type of social structure fostered by military retirees. In other words, a group whose authoritarian characteristics can only exist around military people. "Lifer" also describes a person who is imprisoned for life, either by sentencing or, as with the military types, by choice.
"Randy is a real gung-ho lifer. If he tried to act that way in the civilian world, they'd get rid of him in a heartbeat"
by Dave Lawrence Baker October 26, 2008
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A person who participates on Second Life, particularly someone that develops an obsessive addiction to it. They generally use Second Life as an escape from being fat and ugly and still living with their parents at the age of 40.
"I used to hang out with my bud Fred until he turned into a freakin' Lifer. Now I don't see him anymore. Between you and me, I think he's got some sorta liferdiction."
by gregjockca May 20, 2007
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You know they are going to be on it for life.
‘Did you hear that Jacob Nolan came back from Mildura?’
‘Yeah man he’s a lifer
by Georgia Mcleod August 25, 2018
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A person who doesn’t have goals or at least doesn’t make it a priority to fulfill their goals. These people include stay at home housewives, people who live with their parents, minimum wage workers, trust funders, and sometimes college graduates who choose to be over qualified for a job, such as mall jobs, customer service, ect… These people can often have children before marriage for a sense of purpose, substance abuse problems, blame minimum wage for being too low.
What does your friend's wife do for work? She doesn’t work or go to school, she just walks around with a selfie stick and takes pictures of her child and complains about animals in captivity on Facebook. She gets a shit ton of likes for some reason. I don't know how she can live just being a lifer.

My manager at Starbucks takes his job too seriously, he got his G.E.D and thinks it’s the most important job on the earth and I’m his minion. It sucks working with a lifer.

This guy my sister has been seeing is a Lifer. has been working as a lifty at Sierra at Tahoe for 10 years now and is constantly snap-chatting while driving, he doesn’t have a deep personality and probably will spend his whole life working at a ski resort.

My friend is a lifer. He got his first D.U.I at 20. He goes and spends his paycheck at the Casinos every Friday and Saturday night to try and make a buck or pick up on tourists in town for the weekend. He often goes to night clubs and plays slots alone.

What did your sister do when she graduated University of Organ? She got a job at lululemon, she’ll probably try and marry a man who is well off and continue working there the rest of her life. She's such a lifer
by Rydog1992 March 8, 2016
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