person 1: hows your day going?
person 2: my dad went shopping for E-Cigs so hes leaving me
by Issaquah12 February 28, 2019
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Phrase. Said usually under stress or distress for someone to leave you alone and stop bothering you.
I know the loot is gone. They gaffled it all. Now just leave me be!
by Terry Bad Ice March 31, 2017
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To accept a situation, allowing it to be the same and to leave the person alone.
ME: I am so pissed right now, nothing could help.
YOU: It's really not the end of the world, it's not that bad
ME: No seriously, you dont understand. Leave me be.

by SIN777 June 9, 2008
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Help i’m dying inside and drowning in my tears but I don’t want you asking question 😭
Leave me I’m fine Dw hru ? xx
by Depressed 4 ever July 20, 2019
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when you want someone to get the fuck away from you, you usually say something that has to do with "leave me alone". usually dded with a curse word such as fuck or many others
by Iain April 7, 2004
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Originating from high-fives. It's considered rude to not return a high-five when someone puts their hand in the air—there's no graceful way for them to lower it without someone returning their high-five. Their hand is left hanging in the air. So, whenever a person leaves another person in a situation where the first person is waiting for a response--and not getting it from the second person--it's referred to as being left hanging.
"Yo, dude, don't leave me hanging!"
by aidenfire April 20, 2006
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