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What many people online (MSN, AOL, Various Chatrooms) always abuse. Either speak English or don't speak at all you losers.

"dey normli speek lyk diz" and listen to Hip Hop, and hang around the streets smoking and acting cool.

Also see chav
Joe: u dnt know da tru
Joe: you cnt handle da trueth
Me: You can't handle the English Langauge.
Joe: y not?
Me: Point Proven
by Cloud November 15, 2004
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Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.
I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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Something people of the younger generation have an inexplicable difficulty in expressing. Most notably the use of "American English", a degredation of the traditional language where "peepz speek lik diz, yo!!". Critique is erronously directed towards anybody with half a brain and the sense to realize that using "traditional English" is NOT "old-fashioned" or "geeky".

Conversely, English has already been the most bastardized language over the centuries, having taken many words from multiple languages and confusing the hell out of non-native speakers. But people of today's generation do NOT need to go intentionally out of their way to bastardize this already-confusing language further.
"Hipster": 'Eya homes, whaddup yo?! Layin' th'cuts straight ballinz, fo shizzle?!"
Person who speaks proper English: "Learn some basic English, fucker. I've got no idea what the hell you're saying."
by Alhadis December 09, 2004
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