I have to help Mil pick up the car after work
by Gary GEA March 15, 2016
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Your someone named Emily who did the remove the first and last letter from your name trend.
by Pixqut May 20, 2021
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Mil is awesome gril and sexy but insecure bitch
“Did u see mil today! She is so sexy
by Myloveiskuromi100 April 25, 2020
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Defenition 1: millimeters/milliliters

Defenition 2: Your name is Emily and you did the remove the first and last letter of your name trend.
Wow that's small, it's only 2 'mil' !
by ari hun May 22, 2021
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The one BITCHY girl who is over obsessed with one direction and cries herself to sleep every night.
Person: Omfg! That girl is much a Mil
by Billie Robertson April 16, 2020
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Pronounced - (mĭl)

A God like entity or supreme being. Origins are unknown but some historians have cited Mil as being the first and last being within the universe. It is impossible to extrapolate the magnitude of his power through the conventional method of thinking. Only through rigorous sometimes dangerous mediatation can one only begin to comprehend the greatness that is Mil. Scientific research funded by the World Bureau of Scientific Investigation has now confirmed that all matter whithin the universe contains traces of Mil, affirming the significance of this omnipotent and all seeing entity.
Example 1

Mark: Hey man, did you hear about the stabbing down at Acorn Place?
Adrian: Oh my Mil!
Mark: Dude shut the fuck up, you'll get us both killed! Never and I mean NEVER use His name is vain.
Adrian: Oh shit man I forgot.

Example 2

Philosophy Teacher: Alright students, can anyone tell me what is life?
Student: Life is Mil.

All students proceed to bow to the floor.
by LastTrueChamp May 12, 2009
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A person who surpasses mere mortality and becomes something more... a god of sorts. Usually a "Mil" will throw huge amazing parties, get mad bitties, and have an enormous amount of friends. There is nothing better than being "Mil." Anyone with the title or name "Mil" will probably rule the world. Once someone gets the title of 'Mil' it becomes their name. Simply Mil is the most PIMP kind of person alive.
Friend 1: yo that kid is the most baller person I know
Friend 2: That's because he's Mil, idiot.
Slut 1: I want to fuck Mil!
Slut 2: Me too!
by Someone who wants to be Mil January 16, 2007
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