When someone's too busy/tired and forgot to greet the friend with "my dearest" and tries to substitute with such shorter abbreviation.
by Skaryskaryskary August 11, 2023
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Used in several gaming comunities as a way to express subtle surprising(as if there is no care) emotions.
In game(Lineage):
Creapy: I killed you and all your dogs lol pathetic.
DeathWarrior: zz
by serega July 15, 2006
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Korean shorthand for LoL as in laugh out loud. Confirmed on Imaqtpie's Twitch stream, Lesson by Quantic Prime.
zzz = Fuck you.
Imaqtie: Can I replace your mid-lane player on your team?
Quantic Prime: zz
by Malevolent Loki October 11, 2013
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The zz it's a summary name of brazzers company
that's industry the adult videos but we can use it to refer the porn video
it's just a alternative word for the porn videos
Person 1: Hi, man did you download new zz?

Person 2: Yes, sure I download many zz scenes
Person 1: Okay, send it
by mribraqdbra May 30, 2018
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a generally mild negative expression used by scenesters to show disintrest and other cynical emotions
bouncer-"sorry. cant let you back stage"
sceneXcore groupie- "zz, ya freakin' manwhore"
by ifonlyyouwerelonely August 31, 2006
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A cute boy that likes to sleep (zzz) a lot. Can be linked with the term cutesterest.
zz you're not zzz-ing!
by ilovezz May 5, 2011
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wake up, sleepers. Run the good race.
pronunciation: zeez
by ime October 11, 2003
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